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Please read further to some of the details that happened in my case. Thank you
There are two sides of this story

     What's not being presented and I will update this later: First you have a contractor that reused toxic insulation and materials that were in a fire, exposing my family to cancerous materials and, of course, future families that will live there because I won't.. Second, he asks for more money from insurance company and then uses cheap substandard materials while getting paid top dollar. Third, gets paid for new electrical wiring and reuses fire exposed wiring. Fourth, most importantly, doesn't seal walls and ceilings from toxic fumes exposed to fire, again, exposing my family and future families to cancerous exposures. Fifth, not to mention, paid for new staircase, instead reuses old staircase and builds the "new" staircase not to code so that any child could fall through. Furthermore, Chase bank illegally takes funds out of my personal insurance account (yes newspaper got it wrong) and deposits these funds in account with both contractor's name and mine on the new unauthorized check. Did I handle it wrong yes. However, there is much more to this story....
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