John J Hosta Supports

+ Will Demand Balanced and Fair Trade and, eliminate Trade Deficit

+ Will Strongly oppose "Fast Track Trade Bill"

+ Will Preserve and Maintain Social Security Benefits

+ Will Guarantee Medicare Benefits

+ Will Support Fair Trade to Protect U.S. Industries
and U.S. Workers

+ Will Demand Humane Treatment of Workers and Women within all foreign countries that have economic ties with The United States.

+ Will Retain The Environmental Protection Agency

+ Will Uphold government outreach to poor, disabled, underprivileged

+ Will Support a Strong Farm Bill which must include exclusion of Asian imports of poultry and most agricultural commodities

+ Will Support strong measures to help regain
U.S. Auto Manufacturers' Market

+ Will Support Traditional Trade Policies that have built American Industry

+ Will Support REPEAL of the Government's Common Core Learning Standard and ,once more, empower Parents and Local Teachers with this responsibility

+ Will Oppose any Nuclear Agreement with Iran
Hultgren Supports
> Continues to ignore U.S. Trade Deficit

> Strongly supports "Fast Track Trade" with China
> Has Promised to Reduce Social Security Benefits to the elderly

> Has Voted "YES" to Cut Medicare

> Has Voted "YES" to "FTA" Free Trade with Foreign Markets

> Voted "YES" of Barring Regulating Greenhouse Gases

> Has Promised to Cut Benefits to poor, disabled and underprivileged

> Openly supports imports of poultry and agricultural commodities from Asia resulting in the Weakest Farm Bill in History

> Voted for continued U.S Government shut down and DEFAULT on national debt! (And, of
course, accomplished nothing)

> Supports New Economic Global policies that have already destroyed millions of American Jobs. E.G. Detroit's loss auto industry

> Voted "YES" to remove requirements of listing "Country-Of-Origin Labeling" on Meats from foreign countries such as China