The New/Old Attack on U.S. Soil

How is it that so many in our society have welcomed such policies as the F.T.A agreement that literally is an economic war front to our middleclass families? The Free Trade Act appropriately nicknamed The Free Trade with Asia Act opens our society to a decay that leads to poverty, substandard wage agreements, unemployment, inhuman working conditions and outright human abuse. We only have to look to Detroit to see the impact of such "New Global Economic Strategies" that "promise" new jobs in The U.S. which, in reality, only profit the few. If we continue to press for more “free” trade agreements with Asia such as the F.T.A. and the newly proposed China-U.S.A. Free Trade Agreement; we will continue to crush, economically, middle America. And, may I add that this is a frightening direction for our country to me and it should be to anyone who loves or even simply lives in this country.

Let me approach this subject matter with mere logic before we look at some statistical numbers that sober my point. If all things being equal, equipment, climate, supplies and other material facts , yet one society has impoverished wages, shoddy inexpensive working environments, and unreasonable working agreements, how will the society with healthy wages, proper working environments, and reasonable working agreements be forced to compete? Will they not be eventually forced to match those conditions in order to compete; and if they are not willing to do so, “force” companies to relocate within those corrupted societies UNTIL everyone has the same “competitive” conditions.

Since the year 2000 our imports have doubled to 10,958,000,000,000 Dollars. As a result, U.S manufacturing has suffered its’ worst performance in American History in terms of jobs. We have lost more than 5.7 millions manufacturing jobs which is roughly 33 percent of total manufacturing jobs. This rate of loss is comparable to the loss of jobs suffered in the Great Depression. The average middle class American family has lost approximately 30% of their equity and that is not calculating the further realized 26% loss due to inflation . And, may I add, that our current economic posturing completely opposes traditional economic policies since the inception of The United States despite what Republican Leadership "sells" the American public.

Do we seriously have to be reminded that the middle class has been the ones that have by majority fought and died for our country. The very ones that have largely financed this county through their faithfulness of paying taxes. The ones that when called to be faithful to the integrity of U.S. have stood firm. And this is the call, just as the early founding fathers of this country were called to do and did, protect U.S. Industries. Our early American leaders protected the U.S. through Trade Balance, Fair Trade, Tax Incentives and yes, Trade Tariffs. This is my call and the call to any American leader, Protect U.S. Industries. As one stated just a few years ago, “Ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country”. Let’s start with loyalty.