My Commitment To Social Security

There is an ancient story that goes back to the day of the Roman Empire. The story talks about a horrible judge that would not listen to the plea of an old woman. The story goes on to say that after the persistence of the old woman that even the horrible judge finally gave in to her needs. It is interesting that the judge even back in ancient days that would not listen to the needs of an old woman was described as horrible.
Our elderly, similarly, cry out to our society and government. Our elderly cry out not only about their needs, but also for the commitment that was promised to them by the government regarding Social Security and Medicare. Have we become so callous that we will reward their loyalties and efforts to this country with cut backs? We unashamedly offer incredible aid packages to foreign countries. We justify massive economic stimulate packages to fuel the economy. We have bailed out huge corporations that reasonably deserved to be completely out of business. Yet, we entertain the idea to cut back earned social security and Medicare programs to the elderly within our own country.

Let me bring some numbers into my dissertation to help gain a proper perspective to the reality of our situation. When we begin to see how we fund some of our programs, it should become evident for the rational as to why I believe strongly that we should not allow any cut backs to Social Security. Let me begin with our foreign aid program. We literally have given away money in foreign aid of approximately 56 Billion dollars last year. In our current economic stimulus package we will give away 787 Billion dollars this year. Our past automobile bailout was almost 11 Billion dollars which was largely paid back except for about 2 Billion Dollars. We gave General Motors an additional 3.2 Billion dollars in 2013 which will not be paid back. In 2013, almost 58 million Americans will receive approximately $640 Billion in Social Security benefits. This, in comparison, is a tremendous amount of money that we spend on Social Security. However, we must remember that Americans paid in approximately $673 Billion which means that Americans have paid in a surplus of 33 Billion dollars last year. Allow me to reiterate. We have paid into Social Security an extra 33 Billion dollars over what we have paid out in Social Security in one year. In relation to the story of the terrible judge and the old women, it is one thing not to listen to the needs of the old woman; it is another to steal from her..
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