Weakest Farm Bill Since 1933

     Wait a minute. You may be thinking. The first Farm Bill was passed in 1933 to assist farmers during the Great Depression making the current Farm Bill the worst Farm Bill since itsí inception. Precisely. The first Farm Bill was passed in 1933 to assist struggling farmers with falling prices during this period due, in part, to the increase of crop supply and falling demand. The Billís primary goal was to protect the American Farming Industry to ensure that our farming produce met all future demand. And, this is the meat of the matter; protecting the American Farming Community; to ensure that this vital American interest is protected and remain vibrant for the future demands of our people.
     And, there in, lies the rub. Our current Farm Bill fails to protect the American Farming Community from foreign competition. In fact, we have an economic recipe for massive financial loss. We have allowed foreign competition to infiltrate our borders at reduced prices, threatening domestic pricing. Yet, in the same breath, we continue to financially support our American supply. This means, (as usual) our government spends money while it allows foreign countries to prosper at taxpayer expense; and the end result is an increase to our National Debt. Not to mention of the untold health risks that we expose Americans to with the foreign blood creeping into our food supply. Honestly, do we really need Asian poultry within our borders? And in addition,,,, should not Americans be alarmed, if not out-right angered by the fact that Congress and "our" Incumbent, Randy Hulgren, recently approved the removal of "Country-Of-Origin Labeling" from these products which cloaks these major issues and concerns from the American Voter. And,, may I hasten to add that this falls on the heals of Randy Hultgren voting to pass a Chinese Trade Agreement WITHOUT evening knowing the contents of the trade agreement; all of which directly undermines American Farmers and American Industry. Not only do I disagree with our current policies, but our new Farm Policies directly opposes the very essence of why our early American government leadership introduced and supported historical farm bills. And, as a side note, just about every new trade policy opposes the economic trade policies that the founding fathers of this country put in place to economically prosper our country.
     May I reiterate, that our current economic direction is disastrous and the current Farm Bill is a prime example of why our economy is crippling. We cannot continue to lose jobs and industries to foreign competition and then artificially support domestic jobs and industries with government funds. This is a recipe for ruin and everyone knows it. Letís reconsider what is happening to our farming policies and demand a change. Letís find new men and women for leadership that truly support the American Farming Community and American Industry.
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