2015 Epic Failure

   It stands to reason that 2015 will go down in history as the worst single year in American history for economic and global posturing by our elected officials. Our current overall global approach has been a series of obvious blunders. Our current decisions fly in the face of what any early American leadership would have agreed to because of their principles, their economic strategy, their desire to protect American lives and country;.. and in the interests of Democracy. I cannot be more disturbed about the direction our countryís leadership is bringing the United States. This present course by our leaders with the potential agreement with Iran as well as our current trade agreement with the malevolent China has incredible potential consequences . To begin with, Iranís very decree is to be a devout enemy of The United States. And, based on this decree, it is not a question if American Lives will be lost but it is a question of how many. We have in essence agreed to place 150 billion dollars, and future nuclear weaponry, to a self declared enemy of The United States. An enemy which has been proven to play a major role in global terrorism. This is a military mistake of epic proportions unprecedented in our history. And, may I mention as a side note, The United Statesí past assistance to the Soviet Union is a poor example of a positive similar outcome. The Soviet Union has never called for, nor devoted themselves, to the complete destruction of the United State. The Soviet Union stance was one of retaliation if militarily attacked upon by the United States. In a stark contrast, Iran religiously vows themselves for our destruction even to the point of their own death. We can only assure Iranís prevention of attaining Nuclear weapons and their global terrorism by insisting on a continuous, thorough, broad sweeping and immediate supervision supported by a vibrant and potent military and U.S. economy. We can only achieve our goals through a vibrant U.S. economy because only through a prosperous economy do we have the ability support our principles. Therefore our economic trade agreement with China must be viewed linked with any agreement with any nation. Our strength is not only our code but our economic success as well. Our trade agreement has exposed the U.S. economy to a continued downfall which allows our standards to compromise.
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