2015 Epic Failure

Again, I find our current trade agreement with China highly inconsistent with the economic traditions of our country. Our current trade imbalance with China of 300 Billion Dollars is only going to deepen with our new “free” trade deal with China. This is highly inconsistent with traditional U.S. trade policy. At the founding of our country American leadership insisted on trade surplus and protected American industries. They understood the major roles American companies and American labor play in the survival of the United States. However, certain contemporary leaders (although they label themselves with early American patriots) clearly oppose traditional economic policies that were put in place by early leadership. Early American leadership economically defended and protected American manufacturing, American labor, American Sovereignty of our banking system, and American Industry Ownership because this is how our nation economically prospered. May I say that the incumbent Randy Hultgren claims such an allegiance to early traditions, however his leadership proves to stand in harsh opposition to the previous noble leadership of the founding fathers. While early American leadership protected American Industry, Hultgren elects to undermine it by granting “free” trade with China. While early American leadership kept American Industry ownership home, Hultgren allows American Industry ownership to become foreign entities in order to avoid taxes while enjoying all the benefits America offers. There is a saying among the select few on Wall Street that says, “I would rather be rich than right”. This adage exactly amplifies our government and industry leaders’ economic policies. In addition Hultgren based his early election on, “We are overspending because we purchase things such as $250 hammers.” He never offered a remedy for such spending, nor has he ever suggested any solution to any government spending. The only solution he has offered is that the hammer should be made in China in order to lower the price. We are representative elected government and I doubt that many voters within our district agree with such leadership. Our current representative simply supports the few that desire to be “Rich rather than Right”, cowers from public debate about political and economic issues, and never offers any solutions to our current spending problems, tax problems, labor problems, wage problems, security problems, social security problems, trade problems, medical insurance problems, ect…….
6316 Johnsburg Rd. Spring Grove, IL 60081
VOTE for JOHN J HOSTA on March 15, 2016 for the 14th Congressional District,
which covers parts of DeKalb, Du Page, Kane, Kendall, Lake, McHenry and Will counties.