Is Socialism the best path for our country? Is Socialism the best representation of the Democratic Party? First we must define socialism. Socialism is basically citizen ownership of all equity and citizen economic control; which of course, would ultimately mean corporate ownership, and business management would be under the control of government. This is not to say that healthy Capitalism does not have elements of Socialism in it or, that Socialism can not have elements of Capitalism in it. However, the question must be asked, ultimately is Socialism, as it is truly defined, the eventual direction we should be pursuing? Today’s call for Socialism is simply a release of economic frustration; really. It is a call to stop the abuse and exploitation of American citizenry by the elitists in Corporate America as well as it is a call to stop their corruption of our political system. The fact that the Dow Jones publically traded companies have approximately twenty per cent investment in the Chinese economy is quite telling. This investment and commitment to a totalitarian barbaric socialistic system reveals the very heart of our industry leadership and political leadership. Again, Wall Street and, honestly, our political leadership, adage of, “I would rather be rich than right” is fully displayed. Corporate leadership and our political leadership's true affection to the tyranny of China is easily seen. They have indeed sold out, but this should not mean we should abandon the high ground of individual freedom within our U.S. economic system. Our failure is not our current economic system; our failure is our abandonment of the “rules” that have brought our country economic success for the first 200 years of its inception. Capitalism needs to be harness much like the power of a horse is directed by the bit within its mouth. Our current political leadership claims to protect the freedom of people, liberty and a devotion to a free economic system, however, action speaks louder than words. To claim to believe in American freedoms and a free American economy yet kneel to China or Socialism makes such a claim to liberty hardly believable.
  Again, healthy Capitalism can have elements of Socialism within it. However the totalitarianism or the dictatorship that comes along with true Socialism is intolerable to freedom. We must reevaluate America's exploitation of China's totalitarian socialist system with all of its unimaginable abuses to their people. And, we must carefully reflect upon this new call for Socialism with all the tyranny associated with it. Is it wise to replace one group of tyrants that control our economic system for another group of thugs? I would argue not to yield our economic control from the later because historically it has proven be much more devastating. It’s interesting, I hear Republican representatives criticize the current socialistic movement in the United States while they fully support using and exploiting barbaric socialistic systems which has had great economic cost to our country. It’s ludicrous to strip Americans of quality jobs and then turn and blame them for calling for help or justice. Our American corporations and political leadership embrace China and all of its ugliness and then claim to wonder why our government debt and economy is suffering. Randy Hultgren is such a representative. He embraces such a socialistic totalitarian system and thumbs his nose at anyone asking for assistance or protection from its consequences. Isn’t Randy and his corporate and banking cronies’ rich enough yet? Or should the emphatic question by Kennedy be repeated, “When is the corporate greed going to end?” One only must look to history to answer that question.