Our Puppet Government

    Many of our politicians must be very torn between favoring banks and international banks or, corporations. On one hand, rising interest rates profit worldwide bankers and yet, on the other hand, rising interest rates increase expenses which ultimately reduces corporate profits and hurts consumers. Now it is worth noting that every worldwide recession has virtually been caused at the hand of world bankers. They overextend credit, then aggressively call in credit creating recessions leaving a trail of failed business, foreclosures, unemployment, bankruptcy, decrease net worth ect. Banker’s profit: we lose. It is almost textbook how international bankers have played this game over the centuries. We all are aware that many of our politicians such as Randy Hultgren are supported by both camps, banks and corporations. This must create an anguishing dilemma for our politicians. Who will they ultimately support? Without question, the U.S. economy is extremely vulnerable at this point. We have a huge national debt;

large corporate debt which has been used to artificially inflate stocks, high domestic investment margins, historic low monetary velocity rate, historic low wages, historic low private home ownership, and huge economic middleclass reduction. And, so going forward if the Fed begins to increase interest rates our economy can easily be crushed. And, on the heels of an Iranian Deal it is without question we live in an extremely unique time in history.
So what will our “do nothing”, professional politicians do? Of course, if history repeats itself, they will allow rising interest rates and as usual sit on the sidelines and do absolutely nothing about it. One historic banker once basically said, “If I control the money supply it is inconsequential who the lawmakers are.” Revealing statement. Worth repeating. Basically, if you control money, you control the government. Hence the phrase, puppet government. Pull a string and the puppets move or lately, don’t move. This is why our politicians do NOT do what they say or promise. So, if history repeats itself, then inevitably in the short term we can count on interest rates going up, corporations struggling, stock market prices falling, and another recession. This one, though, may be a big one.