China;The Great Paper Dragon

    First I would like to thank Beijing China for their interest in my Campaign’s Web site. Since I have placed a statistic tracker on my web site I have found that Beijing contributes approximately 3000 hits on my sight, tracking my comments very closely. So if anyone doesn’t think that China is very involved in American politics you are greatly mistaken. Image if I were a major contender in politics.
     It should be noted that many on Wall Street refer to China as “the Great Paper Dragon” because much of the information and economic reports is suspected to be greatly exaggerated and/or fabricated. This reality greatly increases the risk of investing in such an economy because investments in China are based upon a leadership that is essentially unreliable and immoral at every level. With that said, let me get to the point. There has been much said about China’s corporate and government data espionage and patent infringements; and many running for President have recklessly commented about these topics.

    I believe it is reasonable to financially hold China and Chinese corporate leadership accountable for their actions. I encourage American companies as well as our government leadership to challenge China and Chinese corporations in our legal system for espionage damages and infringement right damages. After all, we have the ability and right to freeze trillions of their investments here within our country. If they are truly trying to be “honest” capitalist then they would honor our legal system, a legal system which supports ethical business.
Many would quickly assert the danger of retaliation on their homeland against U.S Investors. I would welcome it. First I must remind American Investors that have invested in “The Great Paper Dragon” of the dangers of investing in such an iniquitous place. I am confident that at one point they carefully considered the high risk of placing their capital there. Second, a Chinese retaliation would ensure a hasty retreat of U.S. corporate investment abroad to the safe confines in The United States. I would suspect a healthy domestic employment surge would be in order if this took place. And do we really think American investments and product abroad will not be eventually copied and pushed into Chinese Industries? Much like the spider and the fly wouldn’t you say? Trust me; our investments abroad will always be the subject of confiscation at one level or another. And what about the stock market that is heavily invested abroad? Depending on the level of conflict our recovery would depend on our level of resolve. Besides, isn’t our speculative trust on the Chinese economy and leadership subject to eventual ruin? Time will tell but in no way should China or the world banking system be considered trustworthy or friendly to American interests.